Bergen singles norway

It’s pricey at 395/595 NOK (/91 USD), though I had a 50% press discount) and though it was delicious, it wasn’t quite the rhapsody I expected.I’d rather spend big bucks on a meal in France, Italy, or Spain.One of my priorities when traveling is to get in some cafe time.

That said, I found it to be worth it — for a short weekend trip in a city as beautiful as Bergen, anyway!A three-day trip to Norway will do considerably less damage to your wallet than a two-week trip.With all there is to do in Bergen, I couldn’t think of a better destination to try Norway out for the first time.You can see my fjord cruise photos here; above is a photo from the Flåm Railway.Two years ago, I was in Stockholm and aghast at how expensive everything was.

Bergen singles norway

In my opinion, it’s one of the world’s most beautifully situated cities (along with Cape Town and Sydney! One of my greatest pleasures in traveling is simply wandering and getting a feel for the place.Here’s what you might see on a walk through Bergen. The Fish Market is located right by the Bryggen and is a nice place to window-shop or grab a bite to eat. Just keep in mind that this is one of the biggest tourist attractions in town and thus extremely overpriced, even by Norwegian standards. I didn’t partake this time around, though I did try whale in Iceland a few years ago.The place feels like a time capsule, with low ceilings and slanted wooden floors. It’s my favorite exotic meat — rich yet lean and extremely tender. Bergen singles norway-10 At To Kokker, the best course was an absurdly soft reindeer steak in a berry and brown cheese sauce.Also on the menu: elk carpaccio, mussels and turbot, and panna cotta.

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Still, though, I’m not sure I would recommend it unless you’re really into food.

A three-day trip to Bergen would be the perfect opportunity to get a taste of what Norway had to offer.

I booked myself two one-way flights: London to Bergen for about (not including luggage) and Bergen to New York three days later for about 0 (not including luggage).

Even though it didn’t go as high, I thought the view was prettier and being right in the center of town, it was less of a journey to get there.

Finally, I allowed myself one splurge — a four-course dinner with wine pairings at To Kokker, a restaurant literally inside the Bryggen.

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