Dating 50 plus Brønderslev

Deck list is still fluid while I'm looking for my 75, but my main deck is; Threats 4 Nyxathid 4 young pyromancer 2 dark confidant Removal 4 gatekeeper of malakir 4 terminate 4 lightning bolt 2 victim of night Discard 4 thoughtseize 3 funeral charm 4 wrench mind 2 Blightning 2 kolaghans command 21 lands My reasoning for the gatekeepers and funeral charms was that they make top decks a little bit better by having more versatility than just discard or removal.Gatekeeper swings for 2, and funeral charm aside from being an instant you can play on your opponents draw step, also works pretty well for removal hitting mana dorks, snapcaster, mimics, bob and once in a while (though not often, honestly) the pump can push in that last 2 points of damage. ROUND 1: Sounds like you were well-positioned for this match.

dating 50 plus Brønderslev

He tutored with eye 3 times and I made him discard a wurmcoil and two ulamogs.That's especially true if they play some card advantage spells like Rancor, Strangleroot Geist, Genesis Wave, and Harmonize. But, it is rough when you, like pointed out, aren't running the 2-for-1 game. A lot can be gained by practice with this deckstyle. As for Sideboard, I'd avoid the lifegain [unless it kalitas, traitor of ghet], and just ratchet up the aggro.running a creature-removal design, so you are better positioned to take these guys down. Path to Exile and selective counterspelling as well as their card advantage can put them in the driver's seat. Again, your build has advocates, overwhelming creature kill will knock out a majority of the top tier decks...not control nor combo. Faithless Looting puts early pressure on yourself to choose the right path, and knowing what to let go of in the war of attrition as the game marches on isn't as easy as one would think. Move away from very high cmc spells without some sort of card draw (faithless looting serve to keep you at 3-4 land tops).So overall, i might try something like running Wrench Mind in the side or main to shore up my control matchup as it is by far the most common archetype at my LGS but I am not sure what to cut?Probably Kolaghan and Chandra (Tho I really like Chandra! Im looking to get my hands on another Kalitas to run 1 main, 1 side atm - it feels like a great card in quite a few matchups.

Dating 50 plus Brønderslev

Kills something on etb, and gives us a 2/2 in the exchange.24 lands for smallpox, raven's crime options Lili and Rix Maadi sb wear/tear for Leyline And I want to try Fish Timely Reinforcements against burn and infect instead Bridges Ensnaring Bridge right now is very powerful against a lot of deck so I would not cut it. I think you should have a look at the 8rack thread or 8 Rackdos thread this is more what you are looking for!I would rather have 4 inquisition and 2 thoughtseize or something like this. dating 50 plus Brønderslev-10dating 50 plus Brønderslev-3dating 50 plus Brønderslev-30 Also, I think Jonny is right I would probably add 1-2 murderous cut instead of a couple of Gatekeeper, 4 seems a lot.From my little testing I've done (8 rounds over two events) I think there's potential here @Dressingspring1: Is there a specific reason why you are not running any Inquisition of Kozilek (Budget)?

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