Dating plattform Heidelberg

Spotted, Share the Love “The best way to approach your missed connections!

Spotted helps you to get in touch with your crush and people you’ve crossed paths with!

It is a location-based real time dating (LBRTD) app to spot other people in the same time and area.Second, the section is used giving self-summaries of users and states their purpose, which mostly is to find a person to romantically hang out with.Last, the section becomes the space, where people publish their events, such as house parties, or student parties and invite other people in the app.The platform had become popular among students and spread throughout many universities in Germany.Due to its popularity, Bibflirt was merged with Spotted ( in March 2014 and since then, it has started to operate under their new name, Spotted.

Dating plattform Heidelberg

By changing the dating pattern, human behavior is changed as well.This paper aims to highlight the effects of online dating platform, called Spotted, towards the tradition of courtship within German dating culture.The app contains general information in the users’ profile including photos, name, place of living, gender, sexual preference, height, eye color, hair color, tattoo, piercing, and short self-introduction.The app itself is developed be using physical appearance to categorize people in order to match people with posted Love Notes.Another function of Love Notes is that other users can rate the Love Notes by giving score to express their liking after reading them. First, the major tool used in the section is to search for a person.

People usually describe what the person looks like, and where they met.

” – Spotted In January 2013, Nik Myftari and four colleagues founded an online dating platform and mobile application, called Bibflirt ( in Heidelberg.

The concept of Bibflirt originally rooted from the missing opportunities in real life.

Bib is shortened from Bibliothek (library in German), which refers to the major influence in university taking part in students’ life.

The main function of the platform is to discover a person, whom you might sit next to in the library, in the cafeteria, or whom you might see in a short period of time, that you missed the chance to talk to them.

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