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It was accepted from International Standard Engineering, Inc.

(ISEI), an affiliate of International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation and the network designer.

Also, the speed of modern firepower delivery systems -- jet aircraft and missiles -- increased the requirement for more modern communications to supplement the early warning network.

Initially, SHAPE HQ's command and control communications capabilities were based on the widespread post-telephone-telegraph (PTT) systems of the NATO countries.The requirement was to establish a system which would provide reliable, secure and virtually instantaneous communications for Allied Command Europe (ACE).SACEUR (Supreme Allied Commander Europe) was designated coordinator of and directed to develop an appropriate system for coordinating air defense efforts and capabilities.These facilities were expanded as part of the early "slices" of the NATO-funded Infrastructure Program -- over 25,000 miles of land-lines, radio links and submarine cable were added.But the land line and radio communications available by the mid-1950s were still problematic as far as unleashing an immediate response (first strike) to any threat -- it could still take hours to complete a call from HQ SHAPE to distant subordinate commands.

Single euskirchen

Special importance was attached to the rapid dissemination of information to command and operational elements, and the quick implementation of military plans.This system was to provide SACEUR a military communications system connecting his headquarters with the national and regional headquarters in Allied Command Europe.The Ace High system provides the Supreme Allied Commander (SACEUR) with more than 250 telephone circuits and 180 telegraph circuits. Single euskirchen-71Single euskirchen-81 Circuit capacity of the main backbone route is limited to 36 channels although engineering design took into account the probable need to expand.Paris and Norway are linked by two routes -- one extending from Paris through France, Germany, and Denmark into Norway and the other from Paris to London and northward through the United Kingdom and the Shetland Islands into Norway.

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